Our Services

If you are considering the Sale or Exchange of your Farm, Ranch or Recreational Land, here is a small list of the services we provide at Land Marketers.

  • At the Seller's option, you have the ability to market your land either by Live Auction or Private Treaty.
  • We will work closely with highly regarded Title Officers, Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers and Tax Deferred Exchange Companies in order to move through the entire sale process efficiently.
  • Land Marketers Realty is licensed in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.
  • Land Marketers Realty understands the Land Market and has experience analyzing local markets and property types.
  • It is our goal to continuously promote our listings with both State and Regional print advertising.
  • Radio ads run on local and regional radio stations.
  • Direct mailings sent to thousands of potential buyers.
  • Professional In-House graphic design and printing of Brochures, Post Cards and Print Ads.

Land Management

At Land Marketers Realty, it is our goal to approach and view every Land Management situation from a "3D" type perspective.


Land Health

Our first Priority is to manage the land health with good stewardship and conservation practices. For example, this would include adequate soil records to maintain the productivity every year to ensure the soils are not getting mined. The management of grazing lands has changed over the past several years. Working together with a good grass manager may produce more pounds of beef or hay produced off of the same number of acres.

Financial Health

Good Land Stewardship allows land owners to preserve equity in what may be their largest asset. We want to ensure financial health for our clients by always negotiating a fair lease arrangement every year and keeping the client aware of any changes on the local, state, or national level that may affect their land ownership business.


It is also very important to us to maintain healthy relationships with both Landlords, Tenants, and everyone in the business community! We always want to welcome new and innovative ideas, by keeping an open line of communication with everyone involved in production agriculture! We can only improve if we listen to what our clients and customers want!

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